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Password Security Switch for electronics devices using only one mosfet

Hello everyone!! welcome in a new task , In this task we are going to make password security switch using only one mosfet for all electrical or electronics devices ,Basically the password security switches , devices and projects are develop by using arduino ,micro-controllers and IC ( integrated circuit ) but this one will be controlled by only one mosfet…

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How to Program Arduino by using smartphone

Hello everyone! In this task, we are going to program Arduino by using our smartphone, this task is important for all of us because we can't carry our PC or Laptops everywhere but the phone always live in our pocket and in this scenario, our smartphone can everything for us So here are the things that we use SMARTPHONE ARDUINO…

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Transformer less power supply 12v 100mA

  As we all know for DC power supply we always use SMPS or TRANSFORMER but as we are making small device we cannot use both because it will increase the size of our device and not just size also cost. low voltage dc source like 3.3 volts, 5 volts, 12 volts is necessary for the field of electronics or…

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